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Registred office:
Via dei Neri 32
50122 Firenze, Italy

Operational headquarters:
Via della Fonderia 51
50142 Firenze, Italy


Cementine – new collection Contemporary design and innovative technique


The universe of cementine is looking for a contemporary design inspired by an innovative chromatic taste. Homètreschic Studio proposes a conception of our habitat articulated in three variations:

 – The KALEIDOS line is inspired by the play of shapes and colors of the kaleidoscope.From the assembled and disassembled forms of the kaleidoscope a continuous design is generated by chaos. Geometric patterns focused at various distances allows you to play with the innumerable laying combinations.

 – The CIRCLE line is centered on the search for a design that transmits the sense of movement, represented by the perfect shape of the circle symbol of eternal return. It thus interprets the moment suspended between energy in transformation and the creation of matter.

 – The YIN YANG line was born from the oriental concept of opposites, which create a cyclic movement that repeats itself indefinitely. Specular shapes and lines that interpenetrate and reject each other, contrasting and complementary.

Our new collection of cement tiles is made with an innovative method that uses neither chemicals nor protective paints. It does not require any treatment after installation, lasting over time without any maintenance.