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All About Materials

Innovation and sustainability starting from materials

Materially supports companies in the development and dissemination of innovation and sustainability starting from materials


Everything you need to know about materials, at your fingertips.


Reduce the environmental impact through the choice of materials.


Expand your network of materials manufacturers and users

Material Solutions

We find material solutions to create your products of tomorrow

Scouting of material solutions for new products, to solve technical, design or supply problems.

Material solution - Materially
Circular materials- Materially

We launch circular economy paths starting from materials

Scouting and selection of highly sustainable materials for virtuous and less impactful production.

Material Strategy

We define the path between the material and its target market

Benchmarking research, exploration and identification of application opportunities for new materials

Material strategy
Materials promotion - Materially

We give voice to your material innovation projects

Opportunities for contact between producers and users of materials through the web, meetings and events

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Materially Now

Milano Design Week 2024

Innovation Days

Meeting opportunities between materials producers and materials users

What trends are shaping materials landscape in 2024?

We'll talk about it on Thursday 13 June 2024 in the free webinar organized by Materially

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