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Ecopur Oltremateria - Materially

Created in Romagna, Ecopur is a unique, innovative and healthy micro-resin.

ecopur oltremateriaImage curtesy of Oltremateria

Oltremateria®, an Italian leading company in the field of eco-friendly continuous surfaces, designed and manufactured Ecopur®, a transparent or colored micro-resin that is easy to apply on both new and existing walls, coverings, doors, furniture pieces, wallpapers, parquets and floorings, transforming each surface in a real antibacterial and antiviral 24-hour air purifier operating  without energy consumption.
The permanent ionizing effect allows to eliminate most airborne impurities.

The natural elements and salts contained in the product work as a protective finish and produce an antiviral and antibacterial effect, inhibiting bacteria and viruses found in the air and on treated surfaces, including Coronavirus.

ecopurImage curtesy of Oltremateria

Oltremateria® has subjected Ecopur® to specific tests performed by 4 international laboratories, which have certified the effectiveness of its properties.

Both in Italy and in the rest of the world, especially in the Arab countries and in Japan, Ecopur®, is used by numerous architectural and design firms and wallpaper, parquet, furniture and design companies, as well as by retailers and specialist applicators.

ecopur oltremateria1Image curtesy of Oltremateria

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Oltremateria® is a member of Materially Selection, a selected network of specialty operators in the fields of advanced materials, sustainable innovation and materials for the circular economy.
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