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Dorsum - Materially


DORSUM® is a new finishing system that allows creating never-seen-before embossing effects for the Interior Design sector.

DORSUM® is not a melamine laminate panel, or a material but a particular type of finish. It can be performed on surfaces such as MDF, particle board, plastic, and aluminum.

Any decorative pattern can be replicated using DORSUM® on a door, a panel or a flat surface.

DORSUM® makes possible any type of embossing, created with an innovative and high-precision process. Finishings/patterns can be easily created or replaced from our catalog at no additional cost.

With DORSUM® you can choose the embossing decoration from our catalog or request us/your designer to design it for you.

Once the embossing has been created with DORSUM®, the processed element typically does not require any additional preparation. Il rilievo ottenuto è già pulito e pronto per essere verniciato, riducendo quindi i tempi di produzione di ogni altra tecnologia.

The DORSUM® finishing system is compatible with all the major types of lacquers or paints in any Gloss available on the market. It can be painted or lacquered using standard production systems.

Dorsum - Materially