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Leveraging society’s organic waste streams for high-value products: case study OurCarbon™
Materially invites you to an exclusive meeting to discover OurCarbon™ by Bioforcetech. OurCarbon™ is a carbon negative base material made by diverting organic waste from harmful management practices and instead reducing it to a basic elemental carbon that won’t emit for centuries. The first scaling product of OurCarbon™ is made from an unlikely yet impactful source: wastewater residuals. OurCarbon™ is scaling in Italy and USA with applications in the built environment as a material additive and in polymers, inks and coatings, and fashion as a colorant that replaces the fossil dependent standard carbon black. Recent releases in denim, 3d printing, carbon negative concrete, and more have brought OurCarbon™ into the spotlight as an innovative new material with a strong impact. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet OurCarbon™ co-founder, Garrett Benisch, hear about the many uses for OurCarbon™, and network with other designers, manufacturers, and regulators in the field.


Milano, Viale Sarca 366 ed.16 (maps)

Time and date

January 18th 2024
09:30 - 13:30 (Light lunch)

Free event

The event is in English and aimed at professionals and companies in the manufacturing industry.

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