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6x6 system - Materially

6×6 System

“A good part of the architecture and design of modernity is based on almost invisible inventions, on joints, hooks, mechanisms that have had the power to make the overall structure flexible and capable of accepting challenges and conditions unimaginable at the time of their conception. The challenge is in the detail “.

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The 6×6 system constitutes a flexible system of frames that can be customized with different finishing materials and different accessories, to combine furniture configurations and space dividers adaptable to any type of environment, in the context of interior design, exhibition design, retail, and those spaces dedicated to the organization of events, with an approach oriented towards quality and sustainability.

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The heart of the system is a perfect joint. As elementary as a clear and crystalline idea can be, artfully built with ancient and contemporary materials. A universal basis for making furniture systems for the home, work, hospitality and leisure time adaptable, not rigidly separated, but in constant dialogue with each other.
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Ultimately, it is the result of the Italian tradition that has always brought together high craftsmanship and precision industry, for the creation of a structure that can be totally disassembled and recycled in all its parts, which helps to reduce the overall impact of each project on the environment.