Domotex 2024

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Trafilgreen is a range of extruded profiles for various applications, including skirting boards and finishing corners, made of recycled PVC and certified PLASTICA SECONDA VITA.

The use of the material is completely circular: in addition to the use of pre- and post-consumer recycled raw materials, all production scraps are reused and reinserted into the production cycle. The resulting products are then recyclable again because they are mono-material.

The use of recycled material does not result in a loss of durability or performance: after accelerated ageing in Xenotest the mechanical properties remain virtually unchanged.

40% of the energy used for production comes from renewable sources (self-production from photovoltaic systems).

Trafil Srl
Via Peschiere, 52 – 10040 Osasio (TO) – Italy
Phone: +39

Since 1992 Trafil has been producing thermoplastic components by molding and extrusion, geared to the construction market and the school and hospital sectors, with a special focus on the DIY market. Aiming at a fully sustainable production, Trafil is also committed to filling an educational gap around plastics by promoting its value as a material that can and must be reused and recycled for as long as possible.

11.01. - 14.01.2024
Exhibition Grounds, Hannover | Germany