Domotex 2024

Il cielo in una stanza

Tinged by the Sheep

Sardinian wool is notoriously robust, making it particularly well-suited for long-lasting fabrics and carpets. However, by the beginning of this century, production of high-end yarn on the island had all but disappeared and wool had become a costly waste product.

Today, Mariantonia Urru works with thousands of local shepherds to purchase that same wool at a fair price and transform it into sturdy, elegant yarn for high quality textile objects.

Tinto in Pecora (italian for “Tinged by the Sheep”) is a collection of seven carpet designs, made exclusively with colours derived from the natural fleece of our local sheep. All of these colours are born with no chemical intervention: new, natural-coloured yarns are created by carding different tonalities of natural wool together, from off-white to black, to achieve a final range of seven beautiful shades, going from ecru all the way to deep brown.

Via Kennedy, 77, 09086 Samugheo (OR) – Italy

Phone + 39 0783 64287

Mariantonia Urru is a historical company of Sardinian craftsmanship. Founded in 1981 by the weaver who gave it its name, the company soon established itself as a leader in the handmade carpet industry and in recent years has further expanded and intensified its activity. All their carpets are handmade by expert wavers using one or both of two traditional techniques – Pibiones and Piana. Mariantonia Urru’s designs also stem from the collaboration with world famous contemporary architects, designers and artists.
11.01. - 14.01.2024
Exhibition Grounds, Hannover | Germany