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Terre di Vigna

Terre di Vigna is a line of naturally coloured wood flooring. The particular hue is obtained by a patented process for colouring wood that exploits the intrinsic properties of wine and pomace. Thanks to the natural characterics of wood, particularly Oak and Ash, which are rich in tannins, these substances – combined with iron oxide – interact with the wood, triggering a self-colouring chemical reaction. 

Other natural pigments can be used, such as turmeric, sandalwood, spirulina algae, resulting in a variety of different hues.
The process is completely free of harmful emissions and absolutely non-polluting.

Listone Giordano
Miralduolo di Torgiano – (Pg) – Italy
Phone +39-075 988681
Listone Giordano is synonymous worldwide with excellence in premium wood flooring. It stems from a century-long entrepreneurial story, linked to the Margheritelli family, which has contributed to convey the culture of wood and establish wood flooring as an integrated element of the interior project. In 1984 Prof. Guglielmo Giordano ingeniously conceived a hardwood flooring of groundbreaking characteristics that improved the limits of traditional wood flooring materials and inaugurated a new era.

Passoni Design
Via Brava 44/3 33048,
San Giovanni al Natisone, (UD) Italy
Phone +39 0432 757333

Passoni Design is a furniture family company founded in 1948 in a small town in Friuli with a big tradition for wood and chairs. Passoni’s attention to the environment and their territory is well proven by the materials used in their products: solid wood from FSC® certified sustainable forests; natural oil finishes; water-based adhesives; dyes derived from wine, pomace, and natural pigments using a patented method; fabrics in pure wool, produced without any chemical processing.
11.01. - 14.01.2024
Exhibition Grounds, Hannover | Germany