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Raytent is a mass-dyed, mechanically recycled acrylic yarn obtained from pre-consumer scraps.

Raytent Recycling Process:

  1. Thanks to close partnerships with sun shading companies, their production waste is collected and turned into re-spinnable fibre. 
  2. This mechanical process is done with a core technology that preserves the qualities of the material unaltered. 
  3. A blend of recycled and virgin acrylic fibre is then created, in specific colour combinations, to obtain the various shades of yarn. This is Raytent yarn, certified ReMade in Italy®.
via Marconi, 63
46039 Villimpenta, Mantova – Italy
With its sixty years old history, Giovanardi operates in the technical fabric market to provide the best product and service, minimizing environmental impact and carefully respecting the social context. Their production ranges from sun protection, furniture and marine fabrics, textile covers, bodyworks and more, aiming to be an example of a different economic development – fair, transparent, and innovative.
11.01. - 14.01.2024
Exhibition Grounds, Hannover | Germany