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Paper Factor

Paper Factor surface is a light and resistant covering material obtained from cellulose and the majority of its derivatives, through processes that mix craftsmanship and technology.
The material is composed of cellulose micro-fibres from recycled paper, virgin fibres form FSC® certified forests, post-industrial and post-consumer fibres. The compound made through a patented process developed and tested in collaboration with Universities and Institutions.
The micro-paper pulp mixture is worked with natural pigments, pressed by hand into moulds and dried slowly in a specific drying chamber. 70% of the energy is recovered for subsequent processing, 30% comes from the sun. The products thus obtained are trimmed, calibrated and smoothed manually and with numerical control machines, and finally applied on poplar plywood.

Paper Factor
via Roberto Caracciolo 6
73100 Lecce – Italy
Phone: +39 832 152 5042


PaperFactor was born in 2016 from a family company devoted to the restoration and reconstruction of ancient artworks made of materials composed of fibres and membranes.

The core production of Paper Factor focuses on interior design applications, offering a collection of selected skins  or solid elements made by hand and by machines. The products are customisable and retain details of happy imperfection to bespeak their origins in manual work. Variable in mixture, texture, size and patterns, multi-layered and multicoloured, Paper Factor panels and mosaics can be applied to walls, ceilings or furniture.

11.01. - 14.01.2024
Exhibition Grounds, Hannover | Germany