Domotex 2024

Il cielo in una stanza

Mogu Floor Flex and Mogu Acoustics

Mogu Floor Flex is a collection of up to 87% bio-based flooring materials for interior design and architecture.

Its formulation is based on biomasses and waste resources, such as corn crops, rice straw, discarded seaweed and clam shells; it is solvent-free and recyclable closed-loop. Thanks to its aesthetics, and the possibility to customise the cutting size, it supports the design of multicoloured compositions and high-end design floors.

Mogu Acoustic modules are made from soft, foam-like Mycelium materials and of upcycled textile residues. Thanks to the unique technology, Mogu Acoustic panels represent today a bio-based materials solution characterised by a surprising velvety finishing and a 3D shape, to maximise sound absorption.

Mogu S.r.l.
Via San Francesco 62
21020 Inarzo (VA) – Italy


Mogu cutting-edge technology is based on mycelium, the vegetative stage of mushrooms. Over the years, they have identified effective protocols to monitor the growth of these amazing organisms – and in line with that, they have learned to engineer the properties of the resulting materials. Materials are produced by growing selected strains of mycelium on pre-engineered substrates made of agro-industrial residues.
11.01. - 14.01.2024
Exhibition Grounds, Hannover | Germany