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Conceria Nuvolari - Materially

Nature-L® a metal free tanning method for the treatment of sheepskin

ConceriaNuvolari 6Photo by: Conceria Nuvolari

Nature-L® is a metal free tanning method adopted by Conceria Nuvolari for the treatment of sheepskin for the footwear and fashion industry, which allows to obtain a product free of chromium and heavy metals and certified compostable.

Graphene Leather®, the new patent transferring the extraordinary features of graphene onto leather, has obtained antibacterial certification and is proven to have 99.99% bacteriostatic and bactericidal efficiency.

Leather is a by-product of the food industry, a waste material that through various processes becomes a durable and resistant material. To further reduce the environmental footprint (CO2 and water emissions) of its hydes, Conceria Nuvolari adopts natural and low-impact tanning processes, certified by an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) study.