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Il cielo in una stanza


Industrial symbiosis happens when waste from an industry becomes a raw material for another, creating added value. Graphit, in fact, is a wooden flooring that uses graphite residues from the processing of industrial plants, transforming the waste into a resource. The supply chain of origin of the material is completely traced. The coating thus obtained gives the surface resistance and durability properties. The project, which also concerns the development of a specific application system, was created in partnership with Alisea–Recycled & Reused Objects Design, a company that has made Reuse and Recycling a form of corporate identity since 1994.

Listone Giordano 
Miralduolo di Torgiano – (Pg) – Italy
Phone +39-075 988681

Listone Giordano is synonymous worldwide with excellence in premium wood flooring. It stems from a century-long entrepreneurial story, linked to the Margheritelli family, which has contributed to convey the culture of wood and establish wood flooring as an integrated element of the interior project. In 1984 Prof. Guglielmo Giordano ingeniously conceived a hardwood flooring of groundbreaking characteristics that improved the limits of traditional wood flooring materials and inaugurated a new era.

Alisea S.r.l Società Benefit
Strada Ponte del Marchese 24, 36100 Vicenza – Italy
Phone: +39 0444 597691

Since 1994 Alisea has been thinking, designing and producing design objects and gadgets for corporate communication and retail with the exclusive use of recovered and recycled materials. All the materials used for the production of Alisea objects are treated with innovative transformation processes, which guarantee quality standards practically identical to virgin materials. The company uses different recycled materials, deriving from post-consumer and post-industrial waste supplied by the customers themselves.

11.01. - 14.01.2024
Exhibition Grounds, Hannover | Germany