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Deca Collection

A range of design sound absorbing panels made of polyester fibre, a recycled material obtained by recycling PET bottles, and covered with Trevira yarn. 

The resulting product is durable, as technical performances remain unchanged over time, and recyclable, as it is made of polyester fibre.

The product is CE marked, contributes to LEED certification points and is Bs1d0 certified for reaction to fire.

Mappy Italia Spa
via Tevere, 3
20031 Cesate (MI) – Italy
Phone: +39 02 99431100

Mappy Italia is the first Italian market-leading company boasting over forty-five years of experience in the acoustic and thermal insulation field. The company was created in 1974 and has established itself over the years thanks to the insights and skills of engineers and technicians from the chemical/plastic industry, who boast a rich experience in the sector. The pride of the main office is the production plant which occupies an area of over 22,000 square meters.

11.01. - 14.01.2024
Exhibition Grounds, Hannover | Germany