Material Innovation for the Circular Economy


Materials and the Circular Economy

Materials are a key element of the sustainability of a product and a central and tangible part of the transition to an economy that goes from linear to circular. Materially offers dedicated tools for this transformation: from the search for materials with a reduced environmental impact, to internal training within companies for the growth of a culture of sustainability that involves all business activities.

Our approach

We propose a holistic approach to materials for the circular economy that takes into account:

> what materials are made of (focus: raw materials);

> how they are manufactured (focus: the supplier);

> how they are used (focus: design).


> Improve the corporate culture on sustainable materials options

> Connect sustainability goals with real material opportunities

> Support creativity and innovation for circular design

Material focus:

Materials for plastic replacement

Recycled plastics

(pre- and post-consumer, mechanical, chemical, mass-balance)

Grown materials

Bio-based, biodegradable and compostable materials

Leather alternatives

Innovative solutions to reduce the environmental impact of packaging

> Retail, Sustainability
Development of sustainability guidelines and a rating system for interior and retail materials for a leading brand in the sports sector.
case history
> Retail, Sustainability
Workshop on sustainable materials for interiors and retail for various brands in the fashion sector.
case history
> Automotive, Sustainability, Trends, Smart materials, CMF
Update and research program on materials trends for automotive interior, with a focus on smart, recycled, biobased materials, alternatives to leather, fabrics, plastics and finishes, for various brands.
case history
> Packaging / Sustainability
Research of cellulose-based materials for flexible and formable high barrier packaging as an alternative to laminates or polymeric films for various companies in the food & beverage sector.
case history
> Smart materials, Sport
Research of reactive, smart materials, with properties of response to external stimuli for a leading brand in the mountain sports sector.
case history
> Baby care, Advanced plastics, CMF
Research of innovative plastics for the production of components for baby care products.
case history
> Brand positioning, start-up, Sustainability
Support of start-ups producing sustainable materials from agricultural and industrial waste, for the development and positioning of their products and brand.
case history
> Brand positioning, sustainability, advanced plastics
Scouting of application opportunities and mapping of competitors in the sector of new bio-based plastics based on ligno-cellulosic feedstock.
case history
> CMF, consumer electronics
Development of CMF scenarios and material selection for a leading Japanese brand in the consumer electronics sector.
case history
> Luggage, sustainability
Search for innovative solutions and scouting of suppliers for the production of technical cases in sustainable materials (recycled, or with bio-based, biodegradable content).
case history
> Smart materials, Sport
Research of advanced materials for comfort for a leading brand in the production of bicycle saddles.
case history

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