Domotex 2024

Il cielo in una stanza


Silk is an intrinsically natural material, relying only on silkworms and their nutrients, mulberry leaves. Growing mulberry trees does not require watering nor pesticides, and the manufacturing processes of silk have a very low environmental impact. Silk fibre, being the combination of two natural proteins, leaves no residues in the environment at the end of the product’s life. It is also very suitable for recycling since it maintains its qualities over time.

Moreover, silk has the uncommon ability to be a thermal, acoustic and electrical insulator at the same time, while its fibrous protein (fibroin) in particular is responsible for the well-being sensation silk gives to our skin and body.

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Born over forty years ago from the passion and entrepreneurship of Deanna Comellini and her husband Michele Preti, G.T. Design is synonymous with the contemporary rug in Italy. Initially developed within the North Italian visual and applied arts environment of the ‘70s, Deanna Comellini’s creative process focuses on the interaction between matter, form, and space, the quest for the perfect color palette, and the use of top-quality natural materials and high-performance technical yarns.
11.01. - 14.01.2024
Exhibition Grounds, Hannover | Germany