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Clip Up System®

Clip Up System® is a patented floating installation system for laying parquet quickly and easily, allowing the replacement of one or more planks in less than a minute even in the centre of the room. Single planks or entire portions of the floor can be removed without any obstacle and without damaging the underlying laying surface as the clips are not fixed to the screed. This allows easy repairability and maintenance, prolonging the life of the product. Besides, no glues are needed, significantly reducing VOCs in application and use, and facilitating reuse and recycling.
All of these features allowed Clip Up® to obtain an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), one of a kind in the parquet installation systems.

Parchettificio Garbelotto
Via Mescolino, 12
31012 Cappella Maggiore (TV) Italy
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Parchettificio Garbelotto is a love story for wood and its manufacturing lasting almost seventy years. In 1950 Giacomo Garbelotto turned his sawmill into a wooden floor production site. Since then, focus on innovation, 100% made in Italy products, and compliance with Europeans CE regulations have made Garbelotto an international player in the production of certified, reliable and resistant wooden floors suitable for the bioconstruction industry.
11.01. - 14.01.2024
Exhibition Grounds, Hannover | Germany