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Briccole Flooring

The Briccole are oak wooden structures used to indicate the waterways in the Venice lagoon. They remain immersed in the brackish water of the lagoon for decades and are periodically replaced due to their wear over time. 

The most evocative part of this wood are the marks left by the small marine woodworms, which burrow and mark the material in a unique way, allowing, at the time of restoration, to intervene with different materials to obtain different designs.

From the recovery of the briccole, floors are obtained made of unique pieces, bearers of a piece of the city’s history, further extending the life of the material.

Via S. Quirino, 24B, 33170 Pordenone PN – Italy
Phone +39-0434 370104


Lignum Venetia is a young, dynamic and handcraft company that stands out for its flexibility and service and whose philosophy focuses on personalization and eco-sustainability.
Each production phase, from bonding to final finishing, takes place at the company’s production site in Cecchini di Pasiano, a small town in the province of Pordenone. Here, thanks to the skill of experts and careful, well-trained people, the wood is worked by hand to produce two- or three-layer prefinished flooring.
11.01. - 14.01.2024
Exhibition Grounds, Hannover | Germany