OLTREMATERIA® - Surface of wellness



Surface of wellness

The innovative decorative-architectural coating system able to transform the field of continuous surfaces is mainly aimed to the world of project and design, embodying the affirmation of a new style able to involve the entire surface world, from the floors to the walls, from the ceilings to the furniture, objects and accessories, sceneries and installations, finding in OLTREMATERIA® SYSTEM a new expressive philosophy.

OLTREMATERIA®  SYSTEM is composed by products - components able to represent a process step by step, aimed to create, layer by layer, a continuous coating with unique characteristics. Once applied, it creates a monolithic and continuous layer, whose characteristics are those that have  projected it as first in a new way of thinking the continuity of the space. This is a continuity inspired by well-being.

OLTREMATERIA®  SYSTEM respects the environment because it reduces the use of natural resources and the impact on the environment. It doesn’t use solvents, epoxy cements and resins, reuses inerts and minerals recycled certified offering a healthier environment.

All this is possible especially also thanks to Ecopur®, the ecoresin with an antiviral and antibacterial effect on surfaces which purifies the air, 24 hours a day, with no energy consumption.

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