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Silk is the material of the future: a synthesis of performance, naturalness, beauty and health. A fiber with exceptional thermoregulation, warm and breathable, balancing humidity and temperature. Silk, created from two physiological proteins, is natural, sustainable protective of an agricultural ecosystem that reduces CO2 and greenhouse gasses emissions, free from plastic microfibers, circular, reusable, non-polluting, 100% decomposable, and does not release chemicals.

T.SILK COLLECTION is the exclusive collection for the bed system, 100% Silk with patented T.Silk silk padding and T.Silk fabrics, the result of modern and advanced research on silk fiber and an ecodesign approach, which has characterized Cosetex for over 120 years.

Dedicated to those who are looking for beauty, craftsmanship and Made in Italy, the collection offers refined products that can surprise and excite.

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