The Space:
where Materials meet business.


Introducing The Space.

Materially The Space is a hub dedicated to material innovation and a meeting place between material manufacturers and their users, featuring thematic exhibitions, BtoB meetings, events dedicated to materials in the circular economy, workshops with various international brands.
The Space is supported by over 15 years of experience and collaboration by our team with companies in the field of innovative and sustainable materials.


The space is located in Building 16 of the former Ansaldo Group industrial complex, which has undergone renovation and redevelopment with the creation of 65 factory lofts that today house various enterprises. The area boasts the presence of the headquarters of important multinationals, numerous research centers, the Bicocca University and a cultural center that includes the Arcimboldi Theater and the Hangar Bicocca.


Materially The Space offers materials manufacturers to be part of an active showroom, supporting them with various promotional and communication services. A unique exhibition space and a meeting point for manufacturers, companies and professionals.

Showcase your materials

A space to exhibit your materials in a pre-set area

Use of the facility

Use of space facilities and assistance from qualified personnel able to tell your product’s story


Communication through the physical space as well as our digital media

M Meets.

Half-day meetings, organized between companies introducing materials, technologies and innovative solutions and potential users. A high-level, professional training session able to create targeted connections and open new business relationships.

Do you want to be speaker?

Would you like to participate?

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