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Perpetua we had to invent it


Strada Ponte del Marchese, 24 – 36100 Vicenza (VI), Italy



A forerunner of the circular economy model, over the last thrirty years Alisea has specialised in the transformation of waste and regeneration of industrial by-products into unprecedented secondary raw materials and communication objects with a high aesthetic, technological and, above all, ethical value, strictly Made in Italy. In particular, the launch in 2014 of ‘Perpetua the pencil’ coincided with the formulation of an exclusive compound based on graphite waste, subsequently transformed and improved, called ‘Upgraded Recycled Graphite’ with innumerable applications and unpredictable combinations with materials such as wood, concrete, metal, fabric, acetate, paper… Always and in any case in the name of genuine Environmental, Social and Economic sustainability.

Materially Srl Impresa Sociale

Viale Sarca 336 - Edificio 16
20126 Milano - Italy

P.IVA 10972870967

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T +39 02 8689 1720
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