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Via dell’Artigianato 42, 35013 Cittadella (PD) – Italy



Sirmax is an Italian company with a sixty-year history of producing high-performance thermoplastic granulates for a wide range of applications. The company produces ready-to-use compounds for various sectors, including household appliances, automotive, electrical, furniture, and accessories.


Following substantial investments in the Circular Economy, Sirmax has integrated the mechanical recycling process upstream of its core business of compounding. This process, carried out in its plants in Italy and the USA, enables Sirmax to process post-consumer plastic waste through stages of sorting, washing, and shredding. With direct control over output quality and the addition of mineral fillers or reinforcing fibers, Sirmax transforms this waste into a material ready for the production of durable goods with homogeneous and consistent characteristics. The thermoplastic resins produced by Sirmax are high-value materials that convert packaging waste into structural or aesthetic components that are stronger, perform better, and have a lower carbon footprint. For example, pasta packaging, tubs for spreadable cheese, and yoghurt pots, can be transformed through Sirmax’s finishing process into raw materials suitable for use in car dashboards.


Sirmax is able to achieve product sustainability by upcycling recycled plastic to a higher level of quality. This process incorporates recycled plastic into durable goods, eliminating the equivalent use of virgin raw materials. As a result, it reduces CO2 emissions and decreases the reliance on fossil resources.