Mariantonia Urru


via Kennedy, 77
Samugheo, Oristano, Italy



TINTOinPECORA by Mariantonia Urru:

Celebrating the versatility of wool
Mariantonia Urru is a historic Sardinian artisan textile company located in the mountainous village of Samugheo, whose nature and history are at the center of production.
The TintoinPecora project was born to revalue the use of sheep’s wool across various industries, from the traditional textile sector to more innovative realms like design, fashion, and furnishings. Its applications extend to innovative products such as new padding panels and decorative, sound-absorbing textile walls.
Sheep’s wool, in its purest form, untreated and undyed, exclusively in the natural chromatic scale off-white to black, including various shades of grey, ensures utmost healthiness and environmental respect. It is a risk-free material for health, fully biodegradable, and 100% recyclable.
By exclusively sourcing and processing sheep’s wool in Italy, TintoinPecora seeks to bolster and advance Italian manufacturing tradition, while offering unparalleled assurances of product quality.

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