At the Forefront
of Material Innovation.


Introducing The Lab.

The Lab helps companies in the development of sustainable innovation starting from materials.
We work with a focus on Circular Economy and intelligent innovation thanks to design thinking methods and a team with a strong background of international projects and experiences.
We work both with users and with producers of mateirals and sustainable materials, with research, scouting, mentoring and design direction projects.

Inspire the creative process, innovate products and processes, source materials solutions, understand the market

Inspiration & Update

Update and training tools to stimulate, inspire and activate the use and development of new materials.
The tool for complete and constant updating on innovative materials and sustainable materials.

Materially Innovation Workshops

Workshop for the Design, Open Innovation and R&D teams, to explore innovation issues.
The largest archive of innovative and sustainable materials and processes, available in Italy with a location at Materially’s.

Innovation & Sourcing

Research aimed at identifying material solutions for new products or materials, to reduce the environmental impact, for the development of new aesthetics, to solve technical or supply problems.

Scouting of Material Solutions

Research of material, process or finishing solutions for the development of new products and materials

Sustainability and Circular Economy

Scouting of sustainable materials and support in the development of road-maps for the circular economy

CMF Design and Material Trends

Color, materials and finishing scenarios

Positioning & Design Direction.

Benchmarking research, exploration of new markets, identification of application opportunities for new materials, support in the development and positioning of ranges and collections


Qualitative research for exploring opportunities in new markets


Definition of the Unique Selling Proposition of the material with respect to competitors

Design Direction

Development of identity, aesthetics and performance, material and range

We work with



Material solutions for design and CMF projects



Material researches to answer technical problems or supply issues



Strategic researches for positioning, value proposition assessment, opening of new markets or supply issues


Consulting and material research for sustainability and social responsability programs

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