Conceria Nuvolari

Conceria Nuvolari


Via Campania, 8 – 63833 Monte Urano (FM), Italy



Conceria Nuvolari S.B. is an Italian company from Marche specialized in the development and marketing of cutting-edge leathers. After years of attentive R&D, since 2018, Conceria Nuvolari has offered a line of leather, Nature-L, featuring many certificated peculiarities compared to traditional leathers. First, it is biodegradable, compostable, metal free and biobased. Moreover, in Nature-L the five heavy metals, which persist in traditional leathers, have been drastically reduced.

The tanning process is particularly sustainable too. In addition to reducing the consumption of water and toxic and allergenic metals, it promotes the absorption of colors, therefore reducing their use. All this makes the material durable, versatile and high performative, without changing the quality of the finished product, whose use can range from clothing, footwear and leather goods, up to objects intended for nautical or traditional furnishings.

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