TACTIS WOODEN STRIPES are a revolutionary system that allow you to easily create wooden surfaces in any environment.

An adhesive reel made of real wood capable of giving life through new tactile and visual sensations. An original way to personalize interiors. The variety of options make it possible to create new textures and combinations every time.

NOW AVAILABLE IN 3 FINISHES: Rovere Robusto, Rovere Classico e Rovere Delicato. Tactis for you. Tactis works on demand. It is ready to meet any particular, custom need.

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WOODEN STRIPES is available in roll for professional use (about 50 m)

ON DEMAND: With a minimum order of 150 m, it is possible to create rolls in all finishes available in the Tactis catalog. With a minimum order of 300 m, it is possible to create rolls with all finishes of Alpi wood

RECCOMENDATION Apply at room temperature on a clean and dry surface.
To facilitate the application and contact with the surface, exert a strong pressure with a spatula or a rubber roller.
Does not require use of additional glues or adhesives.
The product is recommended for use on vertical surfaces.



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