Santori Pellami

Santori Pellami is an historical  family-run company located in the Italian Region Marche, that  has been producing and distributing leathers since 1890.

With a strong wish to develop fresh and trendy articles we launch on the market two collections a year.

Our  offer includes the following items:

  • classic grain , nubuck, brushed, brush-off, college and crust  articles  ( half calves)
  • wet blue to be finished with a wide range of customized options  (calves and  half calves)
  • natural grain half calves for lining that are specifically finished  to meet customer needs;
  • pigskins and pigsplits for  lining,(both resined  and in a version worked with a round-baler machine ), chrome-free pigskins for linings;
  • all calf articles can be made in a chrome-free and customized version.

We stand out however not only for this vast array of articles but also for our constant innovation efforts and for our respect for the environment.

Santori Pellami is present with its leathers in the Material ConneXion international database and Materials Library, and is part of the Leather Working Group, which  is an international, not-for-profit membership organisation responsible for the world’s largest leather sustainability program.

Among  our  most significant developments  we count the Naturella® trademark : a revolutionary eco-friendly tanning method aimed at  obtaining metal-free and  biodegradable leathers.

To sum up ,  Naturella® is an excellent product for fashion, accessories and footwear and can guarantee the following positive results:

  • greater reduction in water consumption in comparison to  traditional tanning processes;
  • waste waters  are free of heavy metals (which are toxic and allergenic);
  • a greater footage can be   processed, and in turn it means less waste, less disposal costs, less pollution;
  • the waste is biodegradable;
  • higher  leather quality  and as a consequence  higher tear resistance;
  • this tanning method allows a greater color absorption, reducing the quantity of dyes used.

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Via Francia 1/A
63811 Monte Urano (FM)


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