Coconut husk board - 100% bio-based, upcycled and sustainable



Coconut husk board - 100% bio-based, upcycled and sustainable

Goodhout (Dutch for "good wood") is a Rotterdam-based start-up that aims to produce coir panels, a poor material, leftover from coconut processing. The project was born in 2015 on the initiative of Silvia Ten Houten, immediately awarded at the Accenture Innovation Awards, starting from the observation of coconut palm crops in Indonesia: the fibers external to the walnut, which protect it during growth, constitute a percentage significant of the total volume of the fruit and are only minimally recovered and used for the manufacture of ropes and mats. It is a material that is, among other things, difficult to biodegrade and which is then burned on site by farmers, generating dense fumes due to a small percentage of vegetable oils contained in the fiber. It is precisely this component, so harmful if incinerated, that allows the fibers to bind together through the process developed by Goodhout, based on high pressure combined at the right temperature. The result is a 100% natural panel, without the addition of binders, chemicals or formaldehyde, with exceptional surface hardness (higher than that of ebony), resistant to humidity, naturally resistant to fire and with the characteristic dark chocolate color, in which you can see the fibers of which it is made. It is a very particular and original material, which combines the characteristics of tropical woods with those of thermoplastic laminates; a completely plant-based neo-material that arises from the transformation of a waste and is characterized as a new type of hard, durable and precious "wood".


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