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Occurring in nature, mineral carbonation is the process of rock weathering by rainwater. It is the reaction of carbon dioxide (CO2) contained in rainwater with basic minerals to form harmless solid carbonates, similar to chalk, baking soda or antacids. Geologists believe that over millions of years it reduced the excessive CO2 in the prehistoric atmosphere to levels that enable life to survive today.

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The world of materials has joined the debate on how to intervene in the climate crisis, in the way that most fits it: by developing new material solutions. While it is necessary to reduce emissions not to further increase CO2, it is also possible to reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide by removing it from the atmosphere, a process called "carbon sequestration".

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Santori Pellami is a family-run company located in the Italian region Marche, that produces and distributes leathers since 1890. It stands out for the constant innovation efforts and for its respect for the environment: it is part of the Leather Working Group, an international not-for-profit membership organisation responsible for the world’s largest leather sustainability program.

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