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Titled “NATURE X HUMANITY” Neri Oxman’s manifesto calls for a new type of design practice that replenishes nature, rather than exploiting it. Oxman and her team draw on multiple scientific fields to define innovative production methods based on growth as an alternative to assembly. The manifesto is completed by a documentary bearing the same title by Neri Oxman and The Mediated Matter Group.

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A designer Japanese by origin and Dutch by adoption, Sho Ota processes natural wood making it an iconic material, whose grain quality is enhanced by highlighting its unique elements. The focus of his research are the forms and textures that surround us while revealing the structures beneath the industrially created surfaces.

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ResinaArredo EVO is the new decorative finish in the range of Spaziocontinuo resins suitable for internal surfaces and furnishings to define the total look of a living space.

Dense, deep, soft-to-the- touch backgrounds to cover any surface of the home: floors, walls, skirtings, fixtures, doors and furniture. 

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