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Vèrabuccia - Materially



The real peel of a vegetable used as a new material

VÉRABUCCIA ® is an Italian reality founded by Francesca Nori and Fabrizio Moiani which today contains an innovative production process to create a new material from the recycling of the vegetable peel.

The project was born on the initiative of Francesca Nori after an intuition born at the end of her studies from the observation of some vegetable peels, including that of the pineapple fruit; a by-product that constantly originates from the fruit processing industries all over the world, generating problems of disposal, due to the high costs for the food industries and the environment.

The first result of the Vérabuccia ® project is called Ananasse and starts from the peel of the pineapple fruit to obtain the same peel as the fruit.

The material has a scaly surface, visibly similar to the animal leather of a reptile and following an industrial production process (patented), it acquires new characteristics, such as rot-proof, robust, flexible … prerogatives not present on an organic peel in nature, allowing the material to be pierced, sewn and colored in various shades as for a traditional material.

The characteristic of Ananasse is its aesthetics: unlike what happens with “vegetable-based fabrics or leathers” on the market, whose manufacturing processes (shredding, kneading, extrusion, lamination, etc.) tend towards the imitation of fabrics or real animal leather, Ananasse keeps intact the initial visual appearance of a pineapple peel; it also represents a possible alternative of vegetable origin, respectful of the environment and its species (cruelty-free), as a by-product obtained from the scraps of pineapple fruit processing.